I am a wife and mom of 3. I grew up in a large family, I was #7 of 8 kids. I was raised to pursue my dreams.
Throughout the years I started to play around with taking creative pictures.
  If you ask my family, I was the annoying little sister with a camera in everyone's face.

After getting married, I stayed busy for a while raising my kiddos and I started to miss photography.

The day came when the dream of turning photography into a profession became a reality.

In 2021, we left the PNW where my husband and I were born and raised. We are now settled in our new homeland, TEXAS! The culture and the food here are amazing! I happily embrace the sun and I personally find it beautiful.

I absolutely love being a photographer and I especially enjoy meeting wonderful people like you!

I wanted to be a photographer from day one

Photographer, wife and mom of 3

Hey! I'm Lois !

The experience

Meet your new photographer BFF...

I'm also a musician, although currently taking a backseat to photography, it will always hold a special place as this was my first passion. 

I'm a coffee lover! My parents are from Europe, so strong coffee is a must!

I am a Jesus follower and have a love for doing things holistically.

I enjoy attending fitness classes and my latest hobby is visiting State Parks around Texas! 

A LITTLE about me...

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Fast facts about Lois

cANDid and posed fine artsy style

posing style


favorite setting

over a decade of shooting 


favorite lighting

Glowy Sunrise or sunset

An americano with golden monk fruit 

My drink of choice

I got married at age 19 

Random fact:
I don't have a middle name

Fun fact:

I am cold blooded. My dad is from Transylvania, could this be why?

Favorite zen activities:
Pilates & tanning by the pool 

I have a big family:
I have 33 nephews and nieces and I just became a great aunt!

What keeps me sane:
My faith in God, coffee and taking time to get grounded.

I'm a night owl:
I wish I were a morning person, but I have a terrible habit of staying up late
(insert sleepy face).

More facts about me

My Enneagram is type 3

— Sarah A.

"Lois was absolutely wonderful to work with! We were blown away by how great they all turned out!!"

— Nikki R.

"She’s very professional and great with kids! I absolutely love our pictures! I highly recommend her!

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