Bridal portraits are the perfect opportunity to prepare for your wedding day and ensure you’ll feel beautiful and confident as you walk down the aisle. They give you time to try your hair and makeup, slip on your stunning wedding gown, and see the entire look come together without the pressure of your wedding day. 

I also love taking bridal portraits because it allows the bride time to slow down and enjoy a session dedicated to capturing her beauty and all the intense emotions leading up to the big day. It’s a special time that often gets overlooked in the whirlwind of planning and preparation but deserves to be remembered and appreciated.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful bride at one of my favorite luxury venues, Thistlewood Manor and Gardens in Kyle, Texas. And now that she’s officially a Mrs., I can share her stunning bridal portraits with the world. 

Thistlewood Manor and Gardens is ideal for dreamy and ethereal bridal portraits because it offers a French-inspired aesthetic with neutral indoor and outdoor spaces. The venue itself is expansive with so many photo-worthy spots to explore and the property as a whole is gorgeous. It’s a popular choice for grand weddings between San Antonio and Austin, Texas because it offers so much to its guests. 

The manor’s grand staircase and the lovely water feature in the main gardens were some of our favorite places for Alyssa’s bridal portraits. These spaces perfectly complemented her hair, makeup, bouquet, and magazine-worthy wedding gown. 

During the session, I focused on taking both traditional, posed photos as well as photos that truly captured Alyssa’s bright and bubbly personality. Bridal portraits are meant to highlight the bride, and so I believe it’s important to encourage movement, fun, and creativity. 

If you’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding, but you want to take some time to yourself (and maximize your time with guests on your wedding day), consider booking a bridal portrait session. We can find a gorgeous location that perfectly suits your vision and aesthetic and allows you to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories.

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Elegant Bridal Portraits at Thistlewood Manor And Gardens

Bride in courtyard during bridal session by blue door at Thistlewood Manor and Gardens

the latest

I recently had the honor of photographing a beautiful proposal at Das Peach House in Fredericksburg, Texas, and it was a dream. 

Daniel and Colette met online a little over two years ago and immediately hit it off—they even closed down the restaurant on their first date because they couldn’t stop talking. He knew instantly that there was a connection between them, and their love has continued to grow ever since. 

Before The Proposal

Daniel inquired via my website in mid-April and told me he wanted to propose within the next month or so, so we got to work right away! They’re both from the area surrounding Magnolia, Texas, so he knew that he wanted to travel in and spend the weekend celebrating their engagement. 

He had originally planned to propose to Colette at Muleshoe Bend amongst the Texas bluebonnets, but unfortunately, they were no longer in bloom. I sent him a list of alternative proposal spots around Austin, Texas to ensure he had a variety of stunning options. After consulting with Colette’s mother and friends, he settled on a romantic waterfront setting at Das Peach House, which couldn’t have gone more perfectly! 

To get the best photos possible, I sent Daniel clear directions telling him exactly where to go once he arrived at Das Peach House. This not only helped ease some nerves because he knew what to expect once he arrived, but he also knew he had a support person to walk him through the entire surprise. Once he was 100% confident in the plan he chose the date! 

The Proposal

Daniel and Colette arrived in Fredericksburg for their weekend getaway, and on April 26th, he put his proposal plan in motion! They left their cozy cabin, which was a 10-minute drive from the venue, and headed for the gorgeous dock where the surprise took place. 

Once they got there, Daniel took her hand and led her down to the water through a beautiful path of trees and greenery. He got down on one knee on the dock and popped the question—Colette was emotional as soon as she realized that Daniel was asking for her hand in marriage and the happy tears started flowing! She, of course, said YES and slipped her brand-new engagement ring onto her finger. 

After The Proposal

Couple standing on dock surrounded by water and tall trees at Das Peach Haus by Lois M Photography

To celebrate and preserve their proposal forever, I stayed to do a mini photoshoot with the happy couple. These photos are so important because they capture the couple’s joy and true in-the-moment emotions about spending the rest of their lives together.

During our mini-session, I guided Daniel and Colette through different poses so they felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera. We used a few areas around Das Peach House so they would have a variety of backgrounds and could enjoy the entire venue. 

I’m so blessed to be able to document such emotional and special moments in my clients’ lives and truly love what I do. 

If you’re ready to create a one-of-a-kind proposal, I’m here to help you plan and capture it all! 

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Surprise Proposal at Das Peach Haus

Romantic proposal at Das Peach Haus in Fredericksburg, Texas