Bride and groom at their champaign tower which is one of the wedding trends that is in for 2024.

Wedding Trends That Are In For 2024

The wedding trends that will be big in 2024 are officially here and better than ever. With the ups and downs of the last few years, the wedding industry is finally stabilizing, so you can relax into your planning and process and take the time to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime love with intention and joy. 

Whether you’re in the midst of creating your wedding celebration or you just want to keep up with the latest trends, I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorites for the upcoming year. And the best part? You can take inspiration from what’s in and still find a way to make them your own. 

Intimate Weddings

The pandemic initially gave rise to this trend, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Intimate weddings are not elopements–they’re scaled-down versions of traditional, big weddings. With more and more couples opting to keep things small, they’re better able to create luxury experiences for themselves and their guests by saving money on the price per person. Another positive to hosting an intimate wedding is spending time with each guest in attendance and having meaningful interactions throughout the day. 

Private Vows

Bride and groom doing private vows before ceremony together which is a 2024 wedding trend

It’s quickly becoming more common for couples to exchange private vows before their wedding ceremony, usually during their first look. This trend is perfect for introverts, but can also be a good option for couples who want their vows to feel extremely intimate and confidential. If you partake in this trend, you’ll share traditional vows (the “‘til death do us part” ones) in front of your family and friends during your ceremony. 

Seated Wedding Parties

wedding trend 2024, bridal party sitting during ceremony

This 2024 wedding trend is a departure from traditional wedding ceremonies, but it’s one to consider if you’re looking to change things up. Rather than having your bridal party stand next to you during your ceremony, you can select reserved seats for them in the first or second row with your other honored family members. They can still be highlighted with a walk down the aisle, but this will allow everyone to relax and enjoy the vows while also providing an unobstructed view for your guests in the back rows as well as your photographer. Plus, all of the focus will be on you and your partner, which I believe is a wedding win. 

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are quickly becoming a wedding dress trend that will continue to be deeply loved in 2024. Your wedding dress should reflect your personality and unique style, and with so many sleeve options, you can truly make your dress your own. Sleeves can often be added onto a dress during alterations, giving you ultimate creative control over your look, and they can change the feel of your dress from sexy to demure, classic to contemporary, or modern to vintage. The possibilities are endless.

 Champagne Towers

This trend has been popular in the past and has been recently making a comeback. Champagne towers add a touch of glamour to any wedding reception and provide beautiful photo opportunities for the couple. They are elegant, timeless, and feel luxurious–all while providing a bit of excitement during the wedding toasts. 

Audio Guest Book

audio guest book, one of 2024 best wedding trends by Lois M Photography

There are so many unique guest book ideas to choose from, but one of my favorites that is quickly gaining popularity is having an audio guest book. While having a book filled with notes or photos of your guests is nice, there’s nothing more special than listening to your loved ones share their congratulations, pieces of advice, and marital wisdom on a voicemail. These audio guest books are typically recorded on a vintage phone, adding a fun element to your decor and leaving you with lasting memories that you can listen to long after your wedding is over. Select your audio guest book here.

Custom Wedding Experiences

Hotel Emma custom wedding experience, one of the wedding trends that are in for 2024

Heading into 2024, we’re sure to see more and more couples creating custom wedding experiences that aren’t typically included in a ceremony or reception. You may choose to hire an artist to paint your ceremony, have caricature wedding favors, or even hire a fine-line tattoo artist to give guests tiny tattoos throughout the night. You should always feel free to get creative–your wedding is meant to reflect your love story and interests, so don’t be afraid to play with nontraditional ideas!  

Late Night Snacks

Who doesn’t love a late-night snack? This 2024 wedding trend allows you to be creative with the snacks you provide, and also satiate those late-night cravings everyone gets after an evening of dancing and having fun. You can choose a savory snack, sweet treat, or both, and surprise your guests in the final hours of your reception. Some popular choices include McDonald’s, pizza, s’mores, or an ice cream bar–yum! 

Solo Last Dance

I’m all about making your day feel special and tailored to you, so I’m a big fan of this new wedding trend (and it’s perfect for your big send-off!). Before you leave your reception, have your guests escorted outside to prepare for your exit. While they’re focused on lighting sparklers and passing out bubbles, you are your new spouse can take the opportunity for a private last dance. Play your favorite song, sway arm in arm, and reflect on your first hours as a married couple. It may even become your most cherished wedding memory. 

While trends may come and go, the most important thing to remember is that your wedding is yours and your partner’s alone. While these trends may serve as some serious inspiration, make choices that work for you, and create a day you feel is representative of your style, your love, and your commitment to one another. 

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